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Amber Bloom Perfume Oil Mist (no Alcohol) Spray on Parfum Oil by Zoha Fragrances

  • Composition of Amber fragrance notes to make you feel intimate and luxurious
  • An exquisite, subtle and fresh fragrance with floral base notes; subtle fragrance that can transition from day freshness to evening sophistication
  • Amber Bloom starts as a light fragrance and then blooms with body heat. It is a luxurious and fresh fragrance that will melt on your skin with warm, floral base notes and hints of vanilla
  • PLEASE NOTE - Based on each person's unique skin chemistry, the intensity of the Amber fragrance ranges from very light to medium, and the fragrance lingers on the skin from a few hours to all day. 
  • PETA Certified Vegan and alcohol-free perfumes that last longer and are better for skin